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Who & What is Shake on Ree’s you might ask?

"Hmmm. Let me start by saying I’m Ree. I started my company because I want to tantalize your taste buds and have you escape from everyday life with good, tasty food. I’ve always had a passion for cooking, always interested in food, flavors, and watching cooking shows. Every Saturday watching Iron Chef with my kids. Making theme dishes every week. My children were never really picky eaters but if you set a plain broccoli with no flavor in front of them, they would just stare at it. If I would add different spices, that broccoli floret would be devoured in moments.

When seasoning my dishes, I would purchase exclusively store-bought products. I would go down the aisle at the supermarket and notice that there were very few choices or just the same major seasonings that everyone used. I began adding those store-bought seasonings to my dishes and found that something was missing in every one of them. So, I would blend multiple seasonings together and add them to my own recipes.

I would get compliments from my friends and family through the years. I thought that maybe I could make my vision come to life and create different blends for everyone to enjoy but with a full-time job, husband, kids and life I didn’t act on it. So, I put that idea on the back burner.

In 2017, I had my gallbladder removed through emergency surgery. I had to change my diet and eliminate fats. I was thinking now how am I going to deal with this? I would eat healthy at times, but I would like my fats too. This was an eyeopener for me. I changed my diet, but I had to eat more vegetables and lean meats. I didn’t want my meals to be bland or boring. I started getting serious with my palette. I wanted to learn more about spices and herbs to enhance the flavors to my dishes. Not only did I blend spices, but I would also research the origin and history associated with each spice.

When I went back to the supermarket, I would go down the spice aisle and stand there and read the labels of the seasonings. I would come home and google the big unfamiliar words from the ingredients listed on the bottle and was in shock. I’d noticed that a lot of them had unhealthy additives. Some for flavor or flow.

I started purchasing my own spices/seasonings and then making my own blends. My family would call me the mixologist of spices. Having my husband and kids become my personal taste testers.

I have the passion to create something that’s a little different from the norm. You will be able to taste the unique bold flavors if you’re preparing a meal or just sprinkling it on something to snack on. I would love for you to invite Shake on Ree’s Seasonings into your home and allow me to 'Sprinkle a Little Spice into your Life!’"

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